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Listen to the entire CD, in order, by clicking here. Otherwise, listen to individual sketches by clicking on their titles below.

Here's more of The Royal Canadian Air Farce, from shows recorded "live-to-tape" in front of audiences all across Canada - Halifax to Kelowna, Toronto to Yellowknife - during the 1989/90 season on CBC Radio.

As critic David Barber writes, "By poking fun at our politicians, our passions and our pastimes, Air Farce allows us the chance to laugh at each other and ourselves, to remind us who we are and why we really are differenct, in subtle and significant ways, from our behemoth neighbours to the south."

And Vancouver journalist Lynn Cockburn describes a typical Air Farce taping: "It's a full house and they bound on stage with the enthusiasm of teenagers. The audience howls with laughter, applauds freely, groans when expected, and enjoys every minute of the show. For people used to watching TV, watching radio is an experience. And The Royal Canadian Air Farce is the best radio show you'll ever see."

Old Dead Animalskin House (1:59)
Parliament Pledge Break (4:35)
Sunday Bust (4:11)
Man's World (4:44)
GST Hotline (3:33)
Pain In The Arts (3:53)
Born On The First Of July (2:04)
H & R Grunt (4:50)
Joe Clark, International Agent (5:12)

Air Farce originals Roger Abbott, Don Ferguson, Luba Goy and John Morgan dish up some of their favourite characters (John as Amy de la Pompa and Pastor Quagmire; Don as Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Joe Clark) as well as some new ones (Luba as performance artiste Tanya; Roger as the Hoople half of the House of Sauerkraut).

Dave Broadfoot returns as a special guest with one of his inspired tub-thumpers as the Member of Parliament for Kicking Horse Pass. And Barbara Budd visits in three scenes, including the steamy GST Hotline.

Starring: Roger Abbott, Don Ferguson, Luba Goy, John Morgan
© Air Farce Productions Inc. 1990