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Environmentally Funny! All Natural Laughs
In The 1988/89 Radio Season!

Listen to the entire CD, in order, by clicking here. Otherwise, listen to individual sketches by clicking on their titles below.

These are live tracks from the Royal Canadian Air Farce weekly radio shows, recorded and broadcast during the 1988/89 season on CBC Radio. It's live radio produced in front of live audiences. Most shows are recorded on a Friday night, then immediately broadcast Saturday morning on CBC Stereo, and Sunday afternoon on CBC Radio. What you hear is the first and only performance of each sketch, complete with spontaneous audience reaction.

For Air Farce fans, this is a souvenir of never-before-released original radio tracks. For comedy connoisseurs, it's a nifty collection of great laughs, clipped right out of the airwaves. For doctoral thesis applicants, it's a devastating archive of unedited human laughter in spontaneous response to verbal imagery. For political junkies, it's a stern warning not to become a public figure. For those concerned with Canadian Studies, it's required listening, eh?

Grocer Dave's Green Products (1:30)
Gravenhurst, 10/89
Ron & George In The White House (4:06)
Niagara-on-the-Lake, 11/88
Testing For Your Protection (2:01)
Chatham, 10/88
Ayatollah Book Review (1:49)
San Francisco, 2/89
Amy's Family Winery (3:45)
St. Catharines, 4/88
Factory Condom Outlet (1:00)
Toronto, 12/88
Mr. Whizz Test Kit (1:24)
Markham, 10/88
Getting Out The Vote (2:09)
St. John's, 10/88
Henri's Tattoo Selection (3:16)
Montréal, 4/89
Nick Bellows Sports Talk (4:38)
Niagara-on-the-lake, 11/88
Cocktail Party Of Canada (3:45)
Chatham, 10/88
Commons Cafeteria: Oh Canada (4:50)
Toronto, 12/88
Just A Coffee (2:51)
Toronto, 12/88
Christmas In The Capital (7:08)
Whitehorse, 12/88

Here are topical looks at Christmas in Ottawa, the Quebec language laws, the Prime Minister gloating over an election victory, the Calgary Flames winning the Stanley Cup, and a surprise appearance from Manitoba's Sharon Carstairs, Canada's first female opposition leader.

Over a million radio fans would tune in to the Royal Canadian Air Farce for a weekly dose of laughter when it was on CBC Radio. Highbrow, lowbrow, topical or timeless, anything goes on Air Farce, and that's part of its appeal.

Starring: Roger Abbott, Don Ferguson, Luba Goy, John Morgan
© Air Farce Productions Inc. 1990