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Listen to the entire CD, in order, by clicking here. Otherwise, listen to individual sketches by clicking on their titles below.

Here's more than an hour of Royal Canadian Air Farce comedy sketches from the 1990/91 broadcast season on CBC Radio. As usual there's a punchy mix with scenes that reflect the headlines (like Iraqi Wheel of Fortune), some that reflect Canadian politics (Speech from the Throne), some that reflect changing times and attitudes (Man Bash), some that are so weird you'd never believe they're based on fact (The Science of Tooting), and some that raised a few eyebrows when they were broadcast (PMS Airlines).

It's a typical Air Farce mix. Highbrow, lowbrow, cleverly witty, absurdly stupid, irreverent, outrageous... it's the recipe for every show.

Dial "1" for Help (3:14) Opera Cops (4:33)
Man Bash (4:57)
3 Nu Rappers(5:32) The Member Speaks: The Economy (5:02)
The Scully Brothers (2:50) Didgeridoo Expert (4:29)
Great Canadian Moments (2:47) Iraqi Wheel of Fortune (2:45)

In this collection, the Air Farce regulars - Roger Abbott, Don Ferguson, Luba Goy, John Morgan - are joined by special guest Dave Broadfoot (check out The Member Speaks: The Economy) and frequent guest performer Barbara Budd.

So you're all set to enjoy Farce on a Stick. (Sorry, stick not included, void where prohibited by law).

Starring: Roger Abbott, Don Ferguson, Luba Goy, John Morgan
© Air Farce Productions Inc. 1991