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If you appreciate fine singing and great
music, you have the wrong album!

Listen to the entire CD, in order, by clicking here. Otherwise, listen to individual sketches by clicking on their titles below.

Any year that features a National Hockey League strike - cleverly combining Canada's two favourite pastimes - has to qualify for Year of the Farce status. So does a year when Bryan Adams' mega-zillion-selling hit Everything I Do is declared non-Canadian by the government broadcasting regulator.

But you don't have to be a sports nut or a rock star to enjoy Year of the Farce. There are also sketches about a man with a milking machine, get-rich-quick TV shows, the Men's Movement, real estate, radio phone-ins, and sex.

The Real Estate Channel (4:32) Henri's Arctic Outfitters (4:43)
Sex With Sue (3:31) Culturally Correct (3:54)
Questions for the Member (4:41) Bobby Clobber Hockey Strike (3:48)
Winter Olympics (5:26) Hector Baggley Presents (4:24)
Cod Wars (2:59)

The stars of the Royal Canadian Air Farce are Roger Abbott, Don Ferguson, Luba Goy, and John Morgan. Again they're re-joined by Dave Broadfoot (performing two of his best-loved characters, hockey hero Big Bobby Clobber and the Member for Kicking Horse Pss), and regular guest performer Barbara Budd.

Two Vancouver-based stars also join The Farce as special guests. Featured in Duelling Joes are CBC's Vicki Gabereau, and Double Exposure's Bob Robertson.

The sketches were recorded for broadcast on Air Farce's weekly CBC Radio show, before theatre audiences in Halifax, Nova Scotia; Saint John, New Brunswick; Blyth, Thunder Bay and Toronto, Ontario; New Westminster, British Columbia, and Iqaluit, Northwest Territories.


Starring: Roger Abbott, Don Ferguson, Luba Goy, John Morgan
© Air Farce Productions Inc. 1991