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Introducing the Farce's newest members: Chris Wilson and Isabel Kanaan


VIDEO: Los Angeles is beautiful at night, but Canada has universal healthcare. AIR FARCE presents a Canadian take on La La Land. Featuring Jessica Holmes, Chris Wilson, Darryl Hinds, Craig Lauzon, Emma Hunter, and Isabel Kanaan.


What’s more Canadian than AIR FARCE, eh? AIR FARCE CANADA 150 pulls out all the stops for the country’s 150th birthday, capturing the patriotic spirit of Canada’s sesquicentennial celebrations in 60 funny, fast-paced minutes.

And for the first time in AIR FARCE history, the whole country comes together to watch at the exact same time! No matter where you live in this country, tune in "live" to see the show on Canada Day -- no delays, no time-shifting, and nothing held back!  For the exact time in your region, scroll down for the complete schedule.

AIR FARCE CANADA 150 embraces what it means to be Canadian, satirizing Canada’s past, present and future. Flashing back through history, the special focuses on the people and events that shaped our nation, including the Vikings landing in Newfoundland, the first hockey game, cottage life with Justin and Sophie Trudeau, and pop culture parodies like Canada: The Musical (based on La La Land) and an all-new take on the classic National Film Board animation Log Driver’s Waltz.

Don Ferguson, Luba Goy, Craig Lauzon, Jessica Holmes, Darryl Hinds, and Emma Hunter are joined for the first time by two new cast members: Chris Wilson, one half of Vancouver’s award-winning sketch duo Peter 'n' Chris, and Toronto television and stage actress Isabel Kanaan. 

And it wouldn't be an AIR FARCE special without some very special guests: Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian astronaut to walk in space; Corner GasLorne Cardinal and Eric PetersonKaniehtiio Horn from Letterkenny and What Would Sal Do; and from Murdoch MysteriesHélène Joy.



AIR FARCE CANADA 150 premieres on Saturday, July 1, 2017:

9:30 PM Newfoundland & Labrador
9:00 PM Atlantic Canada
8:00 PM Ontario and Québec (Eastern)
7:00 PM Manitoba (Central)
6:00 PM Saskatchewan, Alberta, and the North (Mountain)
5:00 PM British Columbia

THE SPECIAL ALSO RepeatS on Monday, July 3, 2017 at 8:00 PM (8:30 PM NL).


VIDEO: Did you know the Vikings landed in Newfoundland? Enjoy this very real Canadian history lesson from Air Farce. Featuring Chris Wilson, Emma Hunter, Isabel Kanaan, Craig Lauzon, Darryl Hinds, Don Ferguson, and Luba Goy.