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Here are 4 great Air Farce episodes, featuring 4 great guest stars - Sean Cullen, Ron James, Peter Keleghan and Patrick McKenna - each forming a foursome with Air Farce's Roger, Don and Luba.

Each episode is also a time capsule of what was shaking our world (or at least making headlines) that week - wayward politicians at home, a spanking nun, weapons of mass destruction, and our own weapon of messy destruction, the mighty Air Farce Chicken Cannon.

And, as a special bonus, there's a clip-filled tribute to original Air Farce star and writer John Morgan ("I'm Mike, From Canmore") which Alison Smith prepared for CBC News: The National when John retired from the series.

Peter Keleghan (The Newsroom, Made in Canada) turns up as one of those vain "himbo" Eyewitness news anchors, gets soaked in one of our leakier submarines, and turned into a hood ornament by a dimwit driver.

Sean Cullen (Corky & The Juice Pigs, The Sean Cullen Show ) brings his great version of Bruce Springsteen to join Don Ferguson's Bob Dylan, and introduces The Burgermeister to Canadian immigration.

Patrick McKenna (Red Green Show, Traders) sweats up a storm as a post-game hockey player, yuks it up on Trailer Park News, and - as nerdy Harold - helps fire the Chicken Cannon.

Ron James (The Road Between My Ears) stars as Robert de Niro meeting Gilbert Smythe Bite-Me, and delivers one of his smart, insightful monologues on "Saturday Morning Mantra".

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Available on VHS and DVD.



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