1. Royal Canadian Air Farce 40 for 40: 1973-2013 *NEW*
  2. Air Farce Live
  3. Farcebook
  4. LOL
  5. Arrestingly Funny
  6. From Headlines To Punchlines
  7. 4X4
  8. Another Year of the Farce
  9. Do Not Cross This Line
  10. CBC's All-Star Comedy Homecoming Special



It was on Dec 9, 1973, that CBC Radio broadcast the very first episode of ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FARCE. Twenty years later, on October 8, 1993, CBC Television brought AIR FARCE to a whole new audience.

To celebrate Air Farce's 40th anniversary, eOne has released a new DVD, ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FARCE: 40 FOR 40, featuring 40 of the most popular sketches from Air Farce's TV years.

There are also bonus features like classic radio sketches (some of them unheard in years) and rare video clips from the Air Farce archives!

It's an hilarious look back at some of your most-requested favourites, so if you're looking for a few laughs, or would like to do some early holiday shopping, visit your preferred online retailer (including Amazon, Indigo, HMV, or Walmart) to pick up a copy!


You can find new and used copies of the AIR FARCE DVDs listed below (and even some of the older VHS tapes!) at Amazon and Indigo. Click on either link and type "Air Farce" in the search field.



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For our 15th season on CBC Television, Air Farce became the only live prime-time comedy show on North American TV.  We wanted the excitement of performing the show in real-time, with no second takes, and up-to-the-last-minute topicality.  It was a high-speed roller-coaster ride for our cast and production crew –- sets moving in, make-up and costume changes, all accomplished with split-second timing.

It worked really well, too!  No doors refused to open, no lights exploded, no pants fell down on live tv.  Okay, we had a few glitches… and some are on this DVD.  Check out Jessica and Craig trying to keep a straight face in “Cross Border Car Shopper” and “Prime Minister’s Choice”, and together with Penelope, bravely pressing through to the end of “Vomit Virus”, even if Craig’s moustache doesn’t.

As well as live studio sketches, some great “Farce Films” are included – digital shorts, shot on location.  “Rink Widow” and “Indiana Jenkins” are instant classics.

All the hot topics of 2007/2008 are covered – the rise of the Canadian dollar, Barrack Obama’s emergence, Amy Winehouse’s behaviour, Sister Bessie’s Awards, and the usual Air Farce mix of highs and lows, politics and fun.

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* 2 Disc Set - Includes Our 300th Episode! *

Farcebook is a double-DVD of Air Farce comedy, Canada's favourite social networking tool. The favs from 2007 disc features 43 favourite scenes from Royal Canadian Air Farce's latest season on CBC Television, taking pokes and potshots at outsourced phone centres, Mac ads and iPods, oddball comedy moments with Britney and Sir Paul, and irresistible targets like politics and politicians.

Disc 2 is AF300 Live, Air Farce's 300th episode, performed and broadcast live on Friday, March 30, 2007. It's a live-to-air hour of television, exactly as broadcast, complete with a couple of near-breakups, special guest performers Sitara Hewitt, Sheila McCarthy and Carlo Rota from Little Mosque on the Prairie, Fred Ewanuick from Corner Gas, Mary Walsh as Marg, Princess Warrior, and cameo visits by Don Cherry, Ron MacLean, and Peter Mansbridge.

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LOL Here's the 2006 edition of Royal Canadian Air Farce: Alan, Craig, Don, Jessica, Luba and Roger -- together they're fearless and funny, taking on the high and might and bringing them down to earth -- or just coming up with goofy ideas and smart lines about anything that's topical. So go ahead. Fire up the DVD and LOL, ROTFL, LYFO. Laugh out loud. Roll on the floor laughing. Laugh your Farce off! Includes great Special Features: flubs & bloopers; backstage with Air Farce; multi-camera views.

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Arrestingly Funny

"Fast, fierce and funny." praised the critics and the viewers as Royal Canadian Air Farce wrapped up its 2005 season on CBC Television.

Arrestingly FunnyAir Farce built its award-winning reputation by spinning daily news headlines into comedy punchlines, taking shots at world and national politics, and finding the funny in everyday events. And the 2005 season provided tons of topical targets: The NHL hockey lockout, George Bush's second term, Same-sex marriage, the Gomery Inquiry (complete with Jean Chrétien's golf balls), Prince Charles and Camilla tying the knot, Paul Martin's minority government, and Stephen Harper's deadly defence of all things Conservative.

Here are 50 favourite funny scenes from the past Air Farce season, including two visits from special guest (and WWE wrestling Diva) Trish Stratus, plus more than 5 minutes of never-broadcast “flubs and quacks” blooper scenes.

Altogether, 84 minutes of laughs, delivered fast, fierce and funny. Royal Canadian Air Farce, Friday nights on CBC Television, continues to be Canada's #1 sketch comedy series, earning the team multiple honours such as a star on Canada's Walk of Fame, the Gemini Awards' Viewers Choice, and the Governor General's Performing Arts Award.

Starring Roger Abbott, Don Ferguson, Luba Goy, Jessica Holmes, Craig Lauzon, Alan Park with special guest star Trish Stratus*. Written by Gord Holtam, Rick Olsen, Rob Lindsay, Wayne Testori. Animation production by Kevin Wallis and PJ Wilson. Directed by Perry Rosemond. Music by Marv Dolgay, Glenn Morley, Tambre Music. Produced by Roger Abbott and Don Ferguson for Air Farce Productions Inc. in association with CBC Television.

* Trish Stratus appears courtesy of WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment Canada, Inc.

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From Headlines To Punchlines

HeadlinesMore Farce fun with the hot-button topics of 2004:

  • Coach's Corner on a 7-second delay!
  • Jacko gets more wacko!
  • Squirting baby hoser!
  • George Bush & Britney Spears!
  • Sister Melanoma's Movie Review!
  • Love to lose with the Stankins diet!
  • The TV Commercials you love to hate!
  • Governor General's Spending Spree!
  • Chrétien's "A Proof is A Proof!"

Over an hour of non-stop laughs with Royal Canadian Air Farce, starring Roger Abbott, Don Ferguson, Luba Goy and Jessica Holmes.

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4 x 4

4x4Here are 4 great Air Farce episodes, featuring 4 great guest stars - Sean Cullen, Ron James, Peter Keleghan and Patrick McKenna - each forming a foursome with Air Farce's Roger, Don and Luba.

Each episode is also a time capsule of what was shaking our world (or at least making headlines) that week - wayward politicians at home, a spanking nun, weapons of mass destruction, and our own weapon of messy destruction, the mighty Air Farce Chicken Cannon.

And, as a special bonus, there's a clip-filled tribute to original Air Farce star and writer John Morgan ("I'm Mike, From Canmore") which Alison Smith prepared for CBC News: The National when John retired from the series.

Peter Keleghan (The Newsroom, Made in Canada) turns up as one of those vain "himbo" Eyewitness news anchors, gets soaked in one of our leakier submarines, and turned into a hood ornament by a dimwit driver.

Sean Cullen (Corky & The Juice Pigs, The Sean Cullen Show ) brings his great version of Bruce Springsteen to join Don Ferguson's Bob Dylan, and introduces The Burgermeister to Canadian immigration.

Patrick McKenna (Red Green Show, Traders) sweats up a storm as a post-game hockey player, yuks it up on Trailer Park News, and - as nerdy Harold - helps fire the Chicken Cannon.

Ron James (The Road Between My Ears) stars as Robert de Niro meeting Gilbert Smythe Bite-Me, and delivers one of his smart, insightful monologues on "Saturday Morning Mantra".

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