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Thanks to you, our loyal fans, Air Farce came back in a big way! An average of 1,258,000 viewers kicked off 2012 with AIR FARCE NOT NEW YEAR'S EVE on CBC, 15% higher than last year's viewer total, and peaking with an audience of 1.4 million!


If you missed the show, click here to stream it online for free!




These short outtakes cut from the Air Farce New Year's special give you some bonus never-before-seen laughs!

Featuring Craig Lauzon as Toronto mayor Rob Ford training for his cage match with Margaret Atwood, a day at the office with the War of 1812 reenactor, and a short blooper from the set of the New Tim Hortons with Penelope Corrin and Arnold Pinnock.

To watch more sketches that didn't make the cut, including some hilarious bloopers, go to www.cbc.ca/airfarce and click "New Year's Special Web Extras."






There’s only one thing that could possibly postpone Air Farce’s annual year-end New Year’s Eve special – and, yes, it’s hockey. Audiences will have to wait twenty-four hours for Air Farce’s yearly take on the foibles and figures of the year gone by, because AIR FARCE NOT THE NEW YEAR'S EVE SPECIAL will air on CBC Television New Year’s Day, Sunday, January 1, 2012 at 8:00 PM (8:30 PM NL). But the wait will be worth it!

Air Farce stars Don Ferguson, Luba Goy, Craig Lauzon, Alan Park, and Penelope Corrin welcome “Combat Hospital” co-star Arnold Pinnock into the regular cast. They’re joined by a stellar guest line-up – Adam Beach, star of CBC-TV’s upcoming “Arctic Air,” “Battle of the Blades” champ Tessa Bonhomme, “Dragons’ Den” denizen Kevin O’Leary and his “Lang and O’Leary Exchange” co-star, Amanda Lang.

Also on board will be Green Party leader Elizabeth May fighting to occupy Parliament, CBC's own Ron MacLean, Lorne Cardinal from “Corner Gas,” wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, plus the Canadian World Junior Hockey Team.

Arnold Pinnock, Penelope Corrin, Ron MacLean, and Don Ferguson in a scene from AIR FARCE NOT THE NEW YEAR'S EVE SPECIAL

“2011 was a year of transition,” says Don Ferguson, “and we’re really happy to be back with a new special. There’s no shortage of people and events to send-up, in fact trying to condense it all into one hour is our biggest challenge! We’ve nabbed some great guests to help us and we’ve got comedy surprises galore.”

Start the New Year with a bang as the F-BOMB takes aim at the most annoying targets of 2011 with the messiest ammo imaginable. Click here to find out more about the F-Bomb and to see if you're one of the lucky fans who scored a prize for nominating a Target of the Year!


In this extended clip, Rowdy Roddy Piper gets into the Christmas spirit with Craig Lauzon

Viewers will also see Farce-icized renditions of the year’s biggest stories, including William and Kate’s entrance on the world stage, Osama bin Laden’s exit from it, fallout from the Vancouver hockey riots, Sir Paul McCartney singing about Arab Spring, and Margaret Atwood taking on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in a UFC-style cage match.

(above) Adam Beach, Penelope Corrin, Arnold Pinnock, and Craig Lauzon visit the new Tim Hortons

(below) Lorne Cardinal and Craig Lauzon recreate the War of 1812

Also in the line-up is “The World’s Most Interesting Man” squaring off against Stephen Harper, Oprah Winfrey sneaks into President Obama’s bedroom, historical reenators celebrate the War of 1812, the debut of a very upscale Tim Hortons, the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo hunts for a new NDP Leader, a revamped Lang and O’Leary Exchange, plus the annual rapid-fire review of the world’s wildest news stories.

AIR FARCE NOT THE NEW YEAR’S EVE SPECIAL is guaranteed to be the most hilarious event on New Year’s Day!

(above) Luba Goy as Margaret Atwood squares off against Craig Lauzon as Rob Ford in the new Air Farce special, New Year's Day at 8 PM on CBC

(below) Olympic gold medalist and Battle of the Blades winner Tessa Bonhomme guest stars on AIR FARCE NOT THE NEW YEAR'S EVE SPECIAL in this sketch with Alan Park as Bob McCown, Penelope Corrin as Justin Bieber, Arnold Pinnock as Mike Tyson, and a lingerie-football-playing Craig Lauzon




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