Confirmed numbers show 1,098,000 viewers per minute for the 8-9 PM hour on New Year's Eve, and another 461,000 viewers for the midnight showing. Combined, that's 1,559,000 - thanks to all our loyal fans for taking us over the top again this year!





Air Farce New Year's Eve 2010 is online now at, where you'll also find exclusive behind-the-scenes photos! CLICK HERE, scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on the video player, and enjoy the show.


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Royal Canadian Air Farce's annual reunion and comic look-back at the highs and lows of 2010.  Again this year there's a load of good targets for fun and satire - from Justin Bieber's hair-raising rise to fame, to the billion-dollar G8 and G20 boondoggles and bedbug infestations in Canada's big cities.  "Don't touch my junk" airport security, Celine Dion's new twins, disastrous oil leaks and America's Tea Party also come under the Farce-o-scope.

Jessica Holmes re-joins the original Air Farce cast of Roger Abbott, Don Ferguson, and Luba Goy, plus the "new gang" of Craig Lauzon, Alan Park, and Penelope Corrin.


(above) Don Ferguson, Craig Lauzon, Luba Goy, Penelope Corrin, Roger Abbott, Alan Park, and Jessica Holmes are reunited to ring in 2011 with an all-new special!


Special guest Lloyd Robertson submits to the full Farce Film treatment in a fun-filled salute to his six decades anchoring Canada's news at CBC and CTV.

Air Farce New Year's Eve 2010/2011 all-new Special airs Friday Dec 31 at 8:00 PM (8:30 NT) on CBC Television and starts the new year with a repeat at the stroke of midnight.


(below) Justin Bieber (Penelope Corrin) has a ball in the all-new Air Farce New Year's Eve special, Dec 31 on CBC.



By popular demand, here is Alan Park's take on Ron James, excerpted from the never-before-seen sketch package found lower on this page.


Watch Air Farce spoof the popular Standard Life TV commercials. Taped for the New Year's Eve 2010 special, these sketches were shown to the studio audience, but never made it to air.




Since 2005, Air Farce has incorporated short film segments shot on location and later played back for our live studio audience. What you see on the air is a lean, finely-edited and fully-mixed version of our hilarious Farce Films, complete with genuine audience reaction. What you don't get to see is the footage that doesn't make it to the studio or into the final cut: fluffed lines, missed cues, and all the laughter behind-the-scenes.

Here is a rare treat, only available online: the Farce Films New Year's Eve gag reel. These are bloopers taken from the Farce Films featured in Air Farce New Year's Eve 2010, starring our giggle-induced cast, and the ad-libbing Lloyd Robertson and Peter Mansbridge. You won't hear the audience laughter, because they didn't get to see these clips. In fact, no one has seen them, until now!

Enjoy!... And click here to watch the entire special as aired to see which films made the show and which were left on the cutting-room floor.




While putting together another stellar New Year’s Eve broadcast for you, sometimes we have to make tough decisions and drop sketches. Since there just isn’t enough time in an hour to air EVERYTHING, here are the sketches that didn’t make the cut for our New Year's Eve broadcast.

Think of it as your own personal extra value comedy meal! Watch former BP CEO Tony Hayward look back at 2010, see our take on the Wikileaks scandal and the Ron James NYE special, and best of all … see Randy Quaid getting chased by a star whacker! 

For even more special web-only bonus features and backstage photography, click here.




'Air Farce' returns once again

Bill Harris, Sun Media, Dec 19, 2010

For Jessica Holmes and the rest of the cast, getting into Air Farce mode every year must be like digging out the Christmas decorations.

But as Air Farce reunites for another New Year's Eve special on CBC, Holmes has a fresh perspective.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the interview on our News Releases page.


F-Bombs flying at Air Farce year-ender

Bill Brioux, TV Feeds My Family, Dec 18, 2010

"At least we know this is one way to get into your blog." That was Roger Abbott's very perceptive crack as the above photo was snapped at Friday night's taping of the Air Farce New Year's Eve special. The taping took place at a packed 10th floor studio at the CBC broadcast centre in Toronto.

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