Season 14 - Episode guide

AF300 Live One Hour Special: Friday, March 30, 2007 -
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  • Live Opener
    Roger and Luba welcome the home viewers to our live, one hour special.
  • Harper & Dion
    Bedtime banter with The Harpers and the Dions.
  • Stan's Grow Op
    Stan’s Marijuana Grow-Op Kit.
  • Saving Prince Harry
    Prince Harry prepares for his military commitment.
  • Peter Mansbridge
    The real Peter Mansbridge congratulates Air Farce on their 300th episode.
  • Ad Absurdum
    Commentary on commercials that people love to hate.
  • CGI Revenge
    CGI operator uses his many computer generated tricks to mess with Craig.
  • Terry Leibel: Curling
    Terry Leibel looks at the new sport - Miniature Curling.
  • Grouches of Herouxville
    Grinch who stole Christmas parody about a Quebec town’s plan to adopt a declaration of acceptance.
  • Sweat Shack
    New product for those who want to not only lose weight, but smell like their favourite food.
  • Corner Mosque
    Cast of Little Mosque on the Prairie meets cast from Corner Gas.
  • Coach's Corner
    Don Cherry and Ron MacLean congratulate Air Farce on their 300th episode.
  • Lottery Fraud
    Probing lottery fraud in Ontario.
  • Nickelback Video
    Parody of the cliche type techniques the group Nickelback uses to write a hit song.
  • Bush & Twins: Library
    With the help of his twin daughters, George Bush plans for his presidential library.
  • New Image Nelly Furtado
    Gordon Lightfoot assists Nelly Furtado with an image makeover.
  • Barbara Amiel Perfume
    Barbara Amiel announces the release of her new perfume.
  • Bank Lady: Olympic Coin
    Edith Wilkens talks about the Mints new set of Olympic coins that celebrate Canadian athletes.
  • New World Wonders Animation
    Some new Wonders of the World.
  • Rex Murphy With Mary Walsh
    Rex Murphy interviews the real Mary Walsh.
  • News From Away / Goodnights
    Jimmy and Shamus report on the Conrad Black trial, CBC’s new NHL contract and April Fool’s Day; The cast thanks everyone for watching then says goodnight..

Episode 14-20: Friday, March 16, 2007 @ 8PM -
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  • Tax Glitch
    Revenue Canada supervisor address the income tax computer glitch.
  • Crazy World Leaders Jeopardy
    Host Alex Trebek host “Crazy World Leader Jeopardy” with Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Kim Jong Il.
  • Mac Ad: Security
    Commercials looking at the differences between a liberal and a PC - Prime Minister’s new press gallery rules.
  • Flaherty Pre Budget
    Chantal Hebert talks with Finance Minister Jim Flaherty about his upcoming budget.
  • Liquidation Larry's St. Patricks Day Clear Out
    Liquidation Larry’s St. Patrick’s Day Clear-Out.
  • Craig Oliver's 3 Way
    Craig Oliver along Bev Oda, Bob Rae, and Christine MaGee talk about Chris Simon stick swinging, Bob Rae’s election opponent, Conrad Black, Nortel, Bell Beaver, Nancy Pelosi, Governor General Michaelle Jean, Osama turns 50, naked Harry Potter, Prince Charles, New Zealand Kiwi Bird, Alberta gets $155 million to environmental projects.
  • Eye On: CACCD
    Alan Park talks about Defense Minister Gordon O’Conner’s cross country promotional tour.
  • Harper's MySpace
    Stephen Harper uses his Myspace page to go on a character assignation spree.
  • World Watch: Celebrity Mugshots
    A look at how society has become so celebrity obsessed.
  • Mac Ad: Upgrade
    Commercials looking at the differences between a liberal and a PC - New Conservative environment plan.

Episode 14-19: Friday, March 9, 2007 @ 8PM -
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  • Are You Smarter Than A Cat?
    Contestants test their intelligence level against a panel of cats.
  • Gas Price Blackout
    Oil executives realize there’s profit in refinery fires.
  • Nancy Grace & Bushes
    Nancy Grace interviews George and Laura Bush about their trip to Brazil.
  • Picasso Animation
    A thief who stole a Picasso painting tries to elude the law.
  • Suzuki
    David Suzuki reports on his 28 day, cross Canada eco-tour.
  • Donut Shop
    This week, the venerable donut shop gang are having a laugh over daylight savings time, fondue/penis, Oprahville, James Cameron, privacy commission on stolen credit cards, banned Olympic words.
  • JFK Animation
    New footage of the John F. Kennedy’s motorcade reveals a second shooter.
  • Professor Ick: Disappearing Bees
    Jay Ingram speaks with Professor Roman Ick about the disappearance of the Honeybee population.
  • Castro Update
    Cuban Network News investigates whether Fidel Castro is still alive.
  • FAQ: Live Show
    We're doing a live show. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Layton Immigrant Creds
    Jack Layton addresses the issue of recognizing credentials for immigrants.

Episode 14-18: Friday, March 2, 2007 @ 8PM -
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  • Britney In Rehab
    Britney Spears reports on her recent visits to a rehab facility.
  • Newman & Justin
    Don Newman interviews Justin Trudeau about his decision to run in the next election.
  • Al Gore: Oscar Quicky
    Al Gore gives his acceptance speech after winning Best Documentary for his movie “An Inconvenient Truth”.
  • Master Irene
    Feng Shui expert Master Irene talks about the Chinese New Year.
  • Dave The Cabbie
    Dave the cabbie rants about James Cameron, Quebec election, Jean Charest, Canada Winter Games, Stephen Harper’s apology record, Canadian Mint, New Fox game show, mooning hockey player, Paul Abdul, Anna Nicole Smith, mouse dentures, Peter MacKay, Donald Trump.
  • Coffee Time Violations
    The owner of a dirty donut shop defends all the health code violations filed against him.
  • Ad Absurdum
    Commentary on commercials that people love to hate.
  • Sister Bessie - Environment
    Sister Bessie investigates how the topic of the environment is affecting life in the House of Commons.
  • Prince Harry In Iraq
    Prince Harry prepares to go to Iraq.

Episode 14-17: Friday, February 23, 2007 @ 8PM -
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  • Critic: Best Picture
    Gilbert Smythe Bite-Me reviews Best Picture.
  • Christian Debt Trust Co.
    Reducing your debt with the help of God.
  • In Clement Health - Gym
    Health Minister Tony Clement investigates how staying in shape will help reduce ever increasing hospital wait times.
  • Bradford Sports Promo
    Intellectually challenged hockey player Doug Bradford attempts to cut a TSN promo.
  • Global Warming
    Kevin Newman is introduced to the positive sides of Global Warming.
  • Million Dollar Coin
    Potential faces for the new proposed Million Dollar Canadian coin.
  • Jenkins Easy Button
    Office worker Jenkins discovers an Easy Button does not always work as planned.
  • Mike Duffy - May
    Mike Duffy interviews Green Party leader Elizabeth May.
  • Psychic Emergency Dr. Cops
    Promo for new TV show - Psychic Emergency Doctor Cops.
  • Tritium Revolution
    A report on the Tritium pollution.
  • Welfare Whaling
    Person stressed about the whale hunting industry.

Episode 14-16: Friday, February 16, 2007 @ 8PM -
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  • Canadian Mint Offer
    Canadian Mint holds their annual going out of business sale.
  • Astronaut Pitch
    New diaper for astronauts.
  • Confused Philosopher
    Thoughts from the Confused Philosopher.
  • Mansbridge at a Piano
    Peter Mansbridge sits at a piano and talks about Flag day, Mad Cow, Richard Branson, Justine Trudeau, global warming, Dead Bull energy drink, B.C. Ferry, Karla’s new baby.
  • Cell Phone Rage Revisited
    Cell phone abuse while waiting in a bank line-up.
  • Cop Cam
    Cop pulls over a diver then starts watching a movie with him.
  • Stephane Dion and Garth Turner Meet
    Stephane Dion meets with Garth Turner.
  • ING Animation
    ING guy gets too closed to an angry dinosaur.
  • Rink Widow
    A mans obsession of building a rink costs him his marriage.
  • House MP
    Parody of the show House M.D. - now House M.P.
  • Critic: Best Actress
    Gilbert Smythe Bite-Me reviews the Best Picture nominees.
  • Driving With Alan Park
    Alan Park rants about Canadian Cancer Society’s new quit smoking contest.

Episode 14-15: Friday, February 9, 2007 @ 8PM -
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  • Harper Blog
    Stephen Harper talks about the environment in his blog.
  • Hillary Political Ad
    With the help of her husband, Hilary Clinton announces her candidacy for President.
  • Newman News
    Don Newman and panel talk about Garth Turner-Party switcher, George Bush, Al Gore, John Baird, conservative attack ads, Stephane Dion, Tie Domi, ultrasounds-glowsticks.
  • Critic: Best Actor
    Gilbert Smythe Bite-Me reviews Best Actor nominees.
  • Cop Cam Breathalyzer
    Cop administers a breathalyzer to a motorist.
  • YouTube Hoax
    Anchor talks to the actress in the Bridezilla - Youtube video.
  • Bill Gates - Vista Launch
    Bill Gates launches Microsoft’s new program - Vista.
  • Buble Grammy
    Much on Demand host interviews Michael Buble about the Grammy’s.
  • Layton at ATM
    Jack Layton encounters fun with an ATM.
  • Crappy Valentines Day
    An angry woman talks about Valentines Day gifts.

Episode 14-14: Friday, February 2, 2007 @ 8PM -
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  • Parliament Resumes
    John Baird keeps interrupting Peter MacKay’s speech in Parliament.
  • Conservative Attack Ad # 1
    Conservative Attack ad aimed at Stephane Dion - Dion part of old Liberal guard.
  • Molly
    Short order cook Molly, talks about Groundhog Day.
  • Donut Shop
    Donut shopper talk about Jack Layton on ATM’s, new Microsoft Vista, Royal Banks new animated customer service rep, new military Ray gun, Ken Dryden’s sweater retirement, Telus, CIBC.
  • Colleen Jones - Super Bowl
    Colleen Jones interviews John Madden at the Super Bowl in Miami.
  • World Watch - Jack Layton
    NDP leader Jack Layton now holds the balance of power in the House of Commons.
  • Conservative Attack Ad # 2
    Conservative Attack ad aimed at Stephane Dion - Dion’s character.
  • FAQ: Speed Dating
    Penelope Corrin tries her luck at Speed Dating.
  • Conservative Attack Ad # 3
    Conservative Attack ad aimed at Stephane Dion - Dion on the environment.
  • Food Terror
    Comparing the war on terror to recent food recalls.
  • Conservative Fighter Animation
    New action hero on the benefits of recycling.
  • Driving With Alan Park
    Alan rants about Blackwell’s Top Ten Best Dressed list, oil prices, B.C. boy can’t attend Stephen Harper speech, Pfizer lays off 10,000 people.
  • Switching Party Swingers
    New dating service for political party switchers.
  • Vodcast: iPhone
    Information on the new iPhone.

Episode 14-13: Friday, January 26, 2007 @ 8PM -
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  • Visit Mexico!
    Commercial promoting Mexican tourism.
  • Wajid Khan Report
    Wajid Kahn’s report on the Middle East.
  • Bush: Passports
    During his State of the Union address, George Bush introduces the new Nexus Card.
  • Hockey's Sexy New Look
    NHL unveils new, sexy uniforms.
  • News From Away
    Jimmy and Shamus O’Toole report on Buckley’s Cranberry Juice, funding for alternative energy, Dion on MySpace, China launches missile, counterfeit twenty dollar bills, Bedbugs in B.C., Bob Barker, Fish’n Flush toilet, Doomsday Clock, Trump gets walk of fame star.
  • Hooters Birthday
    Lukas Rossi, the winner of the reality show Rockstar Supernova makes his return to his hometown of Toronto.
  • CEO Buy Outs
    Financial expert Linda Sims speaks with a CEO who received a large buyout.
  • Blame Game
    New board game where you get to point the finger of blame, just like a real Member of Parliament.
  • Naval Billing
    Cash strapped Canadian Navy raises funds by issuing monthly bill for Naval Services.
  • Night At The Canadian Senate
    Parody of the movie - Night at the Museum.
  • Royal Bank US Account
    Customer encounters troubles trying to open an American dollar account at the Royal Bank.

Episode 14-12: Friday, January 19, 2007 @ 8PM -
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  • Ottawa Heat
    Stephen Harper meets with Stephane Dion.
  • CBC Promo
    The success of CBC’s hit Little Mosque on The Prairie spawns a new batch of CBC shows.
  • Grace & Pelosi
    CNN Headline’s Nancy Grace interview speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi.
  • Bird Flu Animation
    The first man in China to survive the Bird Flu holds a press conference.
  • Canadian Cologne
    New Canadian cologne.
  • BC Weather Disaster
    A look at the ever changing weather woe’s for British Columbia.
  • Sewer Love Animation
    Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell get down and dirty.
  • Dyer Report
    Gwynne Dyer reports on the re-building of Afghanistan.
  • Miss Potter
    Parody of the move Miss Potter.
  • Canada AM
    Canada AM host Jeff Hutcheson interview a drunk Danny DeVito, Paula Abdul and Peter O’Toole.
  • Dave The Cabbie
    Dave the Cabbie rants about new border security, David Beckham, cold snap on Prairies, depressed Canadian, new taser gun, scorpions on a plane, fat British cat, new Indiana Jones movie.
  • Sign
    A man feels the wrath of God.
  • Stickler
    Anal retentive guy talks about his pet peeves.

Episode 14-11: Friday, January 12, 2007 @ 8PM -
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  • Mansbridge & Sextuplets
    Peter Mansbridge interviews Canada’s newest sextuplets
  • Deacon & Baird
    Gil Deacon speaks to new Environmental Minister John Baird.
  • Spy Film Trailer
    New spy film The Good German Sheppard.
  • Rex Murphy Code
    Rex Murphy rants about how we live in a society where words express one thing but mean something else.
  • Myriam Bedard Offer
    Myriam Bedard’s U.S. Adventure Tour.
  • Airport Security Check
    Airport security guard Arden Gardner does his best to keep the skies terrorist friendly.
  • Greatest Canadian Invention
    A look at some to Canada’s greatest inventions.
  • Ad Absurdum
    Commentary on commercials that people love to hate.
  • Khan Animation
    Newsstand boy Frank reports on the defection of MP Wajid Khan from the Liberal to the Conservative party.
  • Driving With Alan Park
    Alan Park rants about global obesity, standard-issued car seats, and bacteria-killing viruses.
  • Liquidation Larry
    Liquidation Larry’s calendar clear-out.
  • Craig Oliver's 3-Way
    Craig Oliver talks headlines with Bev Oda, new conservative MP Wajid Khan and Jack Layton. Topics - Floor crossing of Wajid Khan, Belinda Stronach, cabinet shuffle, B.C. Place’s roof rips, woman tries to crash into Stephen Harper’s winter retreat, death of James Brown, Ontario government regulates Chinese Medicine, woman claims to be Mel Gibson’s daughter, MP’s test for toxic pollutants.

2006: Year Of The Farce: Friday, December 31, 2006 -
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  • NYE Cold Opening
    Air Farce cast arrive by limo at CBC, then get crushed by the marquee.
  • Canadian Moment, Part 1
    New Years Eve donut shop gang discuss Giuliano Zaccardelli, Stephane Dion, Spam emails, Global Warming, Dick Cheneys daughter.
  • Mac Ad: Poll Numbers
    Commercials looking at the differences between a liberal and a PC New popularity poll.
  • Sister Bessie
    Sister Bessie reviews the year in the House of Commons.
  • Craig's Impressions, Part 1
    Craig Lauzon gets beaten up by the real George Stroumboulopoulos and Gill Deacon.
  • Harper's New Year's Address
    Stephen Harper gives his yearend address with the help of singer Sarah McLachlan.
  • Korean Sanctions Animation
    Kim Jong Il tires out his new nuclear powered Segway.
  • Craig's Impressions, Part 2
    Even Soloman is next in line to leave an impression on Craig Lauzon.
  • Penelope's Introduction
    Guest performer Penelope Corrin introduces herself to the audience.
  • Canadian Moment, Part 2
    New Years Eve donut shoppers talk about Saddam Hussein, Jimmy Carter, White House Dog Barney, Pluto, drivers high on drugs.
  • Mac Ad: Stephane Dion, Part 1
    Commercials looking at the differences between a liberal and a PC Stephane Dion appears.
  • Peter & Condi
    Peter MacKay and Condi Rice hold a press conference to answer questions about their relationship.
  • Mac Ad: Stephane Dion, Part 2
    Commercials looking at the differences between a liberal and a PC Stephane Dion makes his New Years resolution.
  • Belinda & Tie Video
    Parody of the classic John Mellencamp song Jack and Diane.
  • Hellmark Greetings
    Greeting cards from people making headlines this year The Pope, Britney Spears, Saddam Hussein, Dick Cheney, Borat.
  • NYE Ball
    The new Air Farce New Years Eve ball still has a few bugs to work out.
  • Tim Horton's Kandahar
    A Tim Hortons worker sent to Afghanistan comments on Canadas military role in Kandahar.
  • Black Factor Animation
    Conrad Black competes for his Canadian citizenship on the show Black Factor.
  • Bluetooth Breakdown
    Wife commits her husband to a psychiatric ward due to his obsession with his Bluetooth phone.
  • Driving With Alan Park
    Alan Park rants about Russian spy, people getting sick on cruise ship, obese kids, woman sues Kraft food.
  • Taffi's Song Of Hope
    Taffi sings about a song of hope despite melting polar ice caps depleted ozone layer, tsunami and terrorists.
  • Bush Google Animation
    George Bush uses the Google to locate Osama bin Laden.
  • Sean Penn Smoking
    Sean Penn speaks out on behalf of smoking.
  • In Clement Health: Drinking
    Health Minister Tony Clement investigates the pro and the cons of alcohol on the body.
  • Jenkins: Rube Goldberg
    While getting a cup of water, office worker Jenkins sets off a chain of events that leads to him being nailed.
  • Canadian Moment, Part 3
    The donut shop gang begin their countdown to New Years Eve with singing help of Blue Rodeos Jim Cuddy.
  • Chicken Cannon Target Of The Year
    Chicken Cannon Target of the year takes aim at Bush/Harper, Britney-Kevin/Pam-Kid Rock/Tom-Katie, Chris Pronger, Rona Ambros, Frank & Gordon Bell Canada Beavers.

Episode 14-10: Friday, December 8, 2006 @ 8PM -
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  • Newman Liberal Interview
    Don Newman speaks with Stephane Dion.
  • Rod Black / Michael Jackson
    Rod Black talks to Michael Jackson about his appearance on the World Music Award.
  • PM Antiques Animation
    Items from former Prime Ministers are put on the auction block.
  • eBay Brothers Christmas
    The eBay Brothers peddle their Christmas merchandise.
  • Holmes for the Holidays
    Jessica and her husband discuss how they plan to celebrate Christmas with their new baby.
  • The Robertson Factor
    Lloyd Robertson, along with Margaret Atwood and Michael Ignatieff talk about resignation of Guilliano Zaccardelli, closure of Status of Women Colin Thatcher, Garth Turner, new Alberta premiere - Ed Stelmach, Pam Anderson divorce, Russian spy/polonium, Vladimir Putin, Michael Richards, Spam emails.
  • Coronation Street Christmas
    Promo for new Coronation Street Christmas special.
  • Extended Warranties
    Wilbert the pushy TV salesman won’t let up on his customer until they agree to get the extended warranty.
  • Growing Investment Op
    A pair of women prepare for their future by investing in marijuana grow-ops.
  • New CBC Promo
    In an effort to attract more viewers CBC has come out with a new promo with a George Stroumboulopoulos feel.
  • Santa Rap
    Santa shoots a rap video to help update his image.

Episode 14-09: Friday, December 1, 2006 @ 8PM -
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  • Donut Shop
    Donut shop gang talk Quebec as a Nation, Bloc Quebecois, other “Nations” within Canada, Ralph Klein, movie about gay hockey player.
  • Professor Ick Neanderthal
    Professor Ramona Ick investigates a bone from a 38 thousand year old Neanderthal man.
  • Russian Spy Animation
    Everything a Russian spy needs to survive in Canada.
  • Harper NATO Summit 2006
    Stephen Harper along with George Bush and Tony Blair meet at the NATO Summit 2006.
  • Jack The Ripper Unveiled
    Scotland Yard unveils a new composite drawing of Jack the Ripper.
  • Five Dollar Bill Animation
    The new $5 bill incorporates anti-counterfiting measures.
  • Vodcast: Papal Celibacy Summit
    Report on the Pope’s summit on the topic of celibacy for priests.
  • Martha Dearest
    New film starring Martha Stewart and her daughter Alexis.
  • Liberal Leadership Idol
    Ben Mulroney host Liberal Leadership Idol with Stephane Dion, Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae.
  • Hebert & Fraser
    Auditor General Sheila Frasier releases her annual report on the Federal Government spending habits.
  • Castro Not Dead Yet
    A look at the unstable conditions in Cuba.

Episode 14-08: Friday, November 24, 2006 @ 8PM -
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  • BC Weather Disaster
    Peter Mansbridge investigates the damage rainstorms are causing in British Columbia.
  • Stroumbo & Hall Findlay
    George Stroumboulopoulos speaks with Liberal Leadership candidate Martha Hall Findlay.
  • Flaherty
    Finance Minister Jim Flaherty speaks about Stephen Harper’s gag order.
  • iPod Envy
    While in a gym a guy encounters iPod envy.
  • Vic Toews Crime Time
    Justice Minister Vic Toews looks at different gun crime trends in each of the ten provinces.
  • Pelosi Speaks
    Newly appointed Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi outlines her agenda.
  • OJ Story
    Newsworld anchor talks to Marcia Clarke about OJ’s new book.
  • Cop Cam Scuba
    Cop pulls over a scuba diver.
  • Ambrose Award
    Rona Ambrose accepts her “Fossil of the Day” award.
  • Dave The Cabbie
    Dave the Cabbie talks about Playstation Three, wild beavers at University of Waterloo, Mick Jagger’s dad dies, General in Africa, U.S. lifts ban on silicone implants, woman sues because not allowed to breast feed on plane.
  • TomKat Animation
    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes celebrate their honeymoon in Italy.
  • Harper's Blog
    Stephen Harper makes his latest entry in his blog.

Episode 14-07: Friday, November 17, 2006 @ 8PM -
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  • Inside Sports: Grey Cup 2006
    Vic Taber interviews CFL Goodwill Ambassador Cueball Carter about the Grey Cup.
  • Dion Appeal
    Liberal leadership candidate Stephane Dion comments on his fellow leadership hopefuls pension to pose nude.
  • Rumsfeld
    New comedy show about nothing - “Rumsfeld”.
  • Newman News
    Don Newman along with Bev Oda, John Baird and Melissa the Fast Food Server talk about new gun bill/Snoop Dogg, syringe in ham, Jack Layton calls Stephen Harper a “chicken”, Norway best place to live, Sundance Film festival, Stephen Harper in China.
  • Drug Checkstop
    Cop pulls over women he suspects of being under the influence of narcotics.
  • The Trans Fat Chef
    The Trans Fat Chef cooks up a dish that’s to die for.
  • Larry King: McCartney Divorce
    Larry King interviews Paul McCartney about his pending divorce.
  • World Watch
    Video look at Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein and North Korean ambassador.
  • Energy News
    Energy News team look at Canada’s military commitment to Afghanistan, American mid-term elections, Giller Prize, planet Mercury passes by the Sun, Don Cherry booed in Parliament, Ontario Lottery and Gaming introduces tough new security measure, cigarette packages.
  • Klein Animation
    Action News exposes Ralph Klein and his “boner” comment.
  • Bush Election Aftermath
    The Bush twins help their dad deal with the mid-term election results.

Episode 14-06: Friday, November 10, 2006 @ 8PM -
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  • Donut Shop
    Donut shopper talk about Remembrance Day poppies, troops in Afghanistan/Sea King helicopters, KFC/Transfats, Danish cartoonist, Marmaduke, Bloc Quebecois in by-election, teens coffee drinking habits, Hubble telescope.
  • Bush: Rumsfeld Resignation
    George Bush announces the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld.
  • Cop Cam: Blind Driver
    Cop pulls over a blind driver.
  • Osamalot
    A theatrical look at the life and times of Osama bin Laden.
  • Alberta Agriculture
    Alberta agriculture spokes unveils the Bowl Disrupter.
  • Harper's Dine Out
    While at a restaurant, Stephen Harper and wife discover same sex marriage is on the menu.
  • Ask A Liberal: Dryden/Kennedy/Rae
    Liberal leadership candidates Ken Dryden, Gerard Kennedy and Bob Rae answer questions from Canadians.
  • Eye On: Forecasting Fear
    The FBI finds almanacs the latest threat to national security.
  • Anti Thong Animation
    Jean Charest passes new bill to help with Quebec’s obesity problem.
  • Website Billionaires
    Teenage Website billionaires reveal their secret to success.
  • Dyer Report
    Gwynne Dyer discusses the beefing up Canada/US border.
  • Limbaugh Justice Animation
    The justice gavel catches up with Rush Limbaugh after he makes crude comments about Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease.
  • Deja Jew New Channel Promo
    New Digital channel - Deja Jew.
  • Uke Comments: Ignatieff
    An angry Ukrainian is upset with Liberal leadership candidate Michael Ignatieff.

Episode 14-05: Friday, November 3, 2006 @ 8PM -
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  • Flaherty Income Trust
    Finance Minister Jim Flaherty talks about income trust.
  • Phoneless Phone
    New form of wireless technology.
  • Dave The Cabbie
    Dave the Cabbie talks about Scott Brison, Mark Foley, North Korea, Canada Post refusal to deliver hate mail, finger in Subway sandwich, Joe Volpe, St. Louis Cardinals, Kangaroo meat, infertility/cellphone, Wal-Mart, Buckingham Palace, California/Mexico border, sex with dog.
  • A People's History: Bingo
    CBC’s latest ratings hit - A People’s History of Bingo.
  • Ad Absurdum
    Commentary on commercials that people love to hate.
  • Womb To Grow
    Yoga Guru takes you through a pre-natal yoga exercises.
  • Stockwell Day: No Fly List
    Stockwell Day introduces Canada’s new “no-fly” list.
  • Dog Day In Parliament
    Matching up MP’s with their doggy look-a-likes.
  • Telemarketers Revenge
    A guy seeks revenge on a telemarketer.
  • Harper Holiday Inn
    Stephen Harper enjoys the comforts of a Holiday Inn.
  • Driving With Alan Park
    Alan Park speaks about Belinda Stronach, Rona Ambrose, Kim Jong Il, and Mel Gibson.
  • He Said She Said: Communication
    A discussion of daycare turns to global warming.
  • Cop Cam: Wilbert
    Cop encounters the joys of a taser.
  • Ask A Liberal: Ignatieff
    Liberal leadership candidate Michael Ignatieff answers questions from Canadians.

Episode 14-04: Friday, October 27, 2006 @ 8PM -
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  • MacKay Apology / Animation
    Peter MacKay apologizes for his alleged Belinda/dog comment, followed by Trick or Treating with Peter MacKay.
  • Oliver's 3 Way
    Craig Oliver and panel discuss, Bush’s approval rating, outer space bill, Harper support among women and in Quebec dwindling, Bob Rae/Mercer, eating as addictive as sexl, invisible machine, health Canada lifts breast implant ban, Mexican clown convention.
  • Movie Trailer: Madonna
    Movie about Madonna’s adoption of an African child.
  • Bessie Parliamentary Update
    Sister Bessie updates the recent events in Parliament.
  • Hébert & Harper
    Reporter Chantal Hébert presses Stephen Harper about his plan with Afghanistan.
  • Ask A Liberal: Dryden Pt 1
    Liberal leadership candidate Ken Dryden answers questions from Canadians. (Part 1)
  • Kim Jong-Il Animation
    Kim Jong Il runs afoul with Japan’s latest defense weapon - Godzilla.
  • Ask A Liberal: Dryden Pt 2
    Liberal leadership candidate Ken Dryden answers questions from Canadians. (Part 2)
  • Rona & The Ronettes
    Rona sings the praises of the new Clean Air Act.
  • Britney & Kevin: Job Search
    Britney Spears tries to help her husband find a job.
  • Sportscap
    Elites look at sports.
  • Amiel Antoinette
    Movie trailer about Barbara Amiel.
  • Ask A Liberal: Kennedy
    Liberal leadership candidate Gerard Kennedy answers questions from Canadians.

Episode 14-03: Friday, October 20, 2006 @ 8PM -
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  • Ask A Liberal: Michael Ignatieff
    Liberal leadership candidate Michael Ignatieff answers questions from Canadians.
  • Bush - North Korea
    George Bush tackles the nuclear crisis with North Korea.
  • Mac Ad: Same Sex Marriage
    Series of commercials looking at the differences between a liberal and a PC same sex marriage.
  • eTalk - Streisand
    Tanja Kim interviews a foul mouthed Barbra Streisand.
  • Softwood
    New program called Softwood chronicles the lumber deal signed between Canada and the United States.
  • All Most News
    All Most News Radio all the numbers you need to know to wake up to.
  • Mac Ad: Environment
    Series is commercials looking at the differences between a liberal and a PC Clean Air Act.
  • Ebb & Flo Go To Ottawa
    Ebb & Flo talk about alternative forms of energy.
  • Space Shuttle Animation
    Handyman Mike Holmes is sent to repair the Space Station.
  • Stroumbo Catchall
    George Stroumboulopoulos talks about Lucien Bouchard, nude guy in Spain, banning cell phone drivers in Ontario, George Bushs reaction to plan/skyscraper accident in New York, Disney characters caught having sex.
  • Celebrity Poker
    Larry King, Joan Rivers, Clint Eastwood and Christopher Lloyd play poker.
  • Driving With Alan Park
    Alan Park talks about new scan-your-own-grocery machines, obese women / perfume, Americans and horse meat.
  • Ask A Liberal: Bob Rae
    Liberal leadership candidate Bob Rae answers questions from Canadians.
  • Carry On Animation
    Nick Nolte celebrates the news that he can once again take his hair on airplanes again.
  • Luba Goy's Off Time
    Luba Goy throws her fans for a loop.
  • Mac Ad: Political Harmony
    Series is commercials looking at the differences between a liberal and a PC Political Harmony.

Episode 14-02: Friday, October 13, 2006 @ 8PM -
click here for videos

  • Rona Green Plan
    Rona Ambrose gets a little choked up over her governments plan for the environment.
  • Secret Canadian Prisons
    Hana Gartner uncovers new secret torture prisons in Red Deer.
  • Don Newman HDTV
    Don Newman explains CBC’s switch to HDTV.
  • Congressman Foley
    Congressman Foley has gets an online Internet blind date.
  • Hockey Dad
    Hockey Dad Taser - Keeping hockey Dads in line.
  • Harper: Elected Senate
    After announcing plans for an elected Senate, .Stephen Harper deals with an angry Frank Mahovlich.
  • Alan Park: Fan Expo
    Alan Park prepares for the Liberal Leadership convention by attending a horror/Sci-Fi comic book convention.
  • Kim Jong Il: Nuke Test
    Korean President Kim Jong Il explains his position on testing nuclear bombs.
  • Donut Shop
    Donut shoppers talk about autumn foliage, spinach scare, Rolling Stones in Saskatchewan, Conrad Black, Joe Volpe, Poland Presidential stink up, Saudi Arabia builds wall between it and Iraq, peacekeepers in Afghanistan, James Blunt.
  • Pope Animation
    The Pope and Cat Stevens do battle for religious supremacy.
  • Arar Apology
    Maher Arar response to the RCMP’s apology becomes the most downloaded clip on the web.
  • Mel Gibson's New Film
    After making Anti-Semitic remarks, Mel Gibson tries to smooth things over with the Jewish community with his new film.
  • Toonie Anniversary
    Bank of Canada lady celebrates the 10th anniversary of the toonie.
  • Mario & RIM CEO
    Blackberry inventor Jim Balsillie tries to inform Mario Lemieux about his plans for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Episode 14-01: Friday, October 6, 2006 @ 8PM -
click here for videos

  • Tie & Belinda
    Tie Domi and Belinda Stronach talk about their romance.
  • Survivor Promo
    Survivor Stereotype - pushing the politically correct envelope for higher ratings.
  • Driving With Alan Park
    Alan Park talks about Queen Elizabeth’s 80th birthday, middle-east war, and presidential assassinations.
  • ADG Security
    Security system for the attention deficit.
  • Parliament Resumes
    Jack Layton and Tony Clement butt heads in the House of Commons.
  • Name That Liberal Candidate
    Game show looking at the potential candidates for leadership of the Liberal Party.
  • Jessica Holmes On Motherhood
    Jessica talks about becoming a new mom.
  • Harper's Lebanon Love Boat
    Prime Minister Harper and Peter MacKay discuss rescuing Canadian citizens in Lebanon with the Love Boat.
  • Ad Absurdum
    Commentary on commercials that people love to hate.
  • Marching Troops Afghanistan
    Canadian troops get their singing and marching orders for their mission in Afghanistan.
  • Sociopathic Whack Job Registry
    Canadian government replace Gun Registry with Sociopathic Whackjob Registry.
  • Condi & Peter At Tim Hortons
    Condi Rice and Peter McKay share a double-double at Tim Hortons.
  • Dave The Cabbie
    Dave the Cabbie rants about overpass collapse in Quebec, Joe Volpe, world’s oldest woman dies, Tokyo Rose/Fox News, Tickle Me Elmo/Belinda Stronach.
  • Harper's UN Speech
    Stephen Harper gives his UN speech to less than enthusiastic response.
  • George & Jeb Bush
    George Bush and his brother Jeb discuss the political landscape while chopping wood.