Season 16 - Episode guide

Episode 16-NYE: Wednesday, December 31, 2008 @ 8PM -
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  • Farce Film: March of the Farce
    The Air Farce cast walk through the group’s evolution. Special Guests: Margaret Atwood, Johnny Bower, Mark Kelley
  • Dion NYE Message
    Stéphane Dion has a final blurry moment.
  • Ick & Dad- Listeria
    Professors Ick Jr. and Sr. take on listeria.
  • Harper & Ignatieff & Satan
    The Devil has her hands full with Canadian politicians.
  • Farce Film: It’s A Wonderful Investment
    A holiday classic gets updated.
  • Auto Industry
    A Big Three auto spokesperson begs for a bailout.
  • Stan’s Bank
    Stan’s as trustworthy as any other banker.
  • Farce Film: Guitar Hero
    A wannabe rocker is his own hero.
  • News From Away
    Jimmy, Shamus and Peter present the year that was 2008.
    Special Guest: Peter Mansbridge
    Topics: coalition, U.S. federal reserve rate drop, Bernier affair, Barack Obama, economic woes, The National, oil slumps, Ottawa power struggle.
  • Barack in Canada
    Hillary interrupts Obama getting Stromboed.
  • Farce Film: Quantum of Solace
    007 finds big trouble north of the 49th.
  • Two Minute Drill
    The year’s sports roundup.
  • Chicken Cannon
    Colonel Stacy and trooper MacLean give Canada splat therapy.
    Special Guest: Ron MacLean
    Targets: Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, Mac/PC guys, CBC, Big 3 automakers, Don Cherry, PM and Coalition Fathers of Disconfederation
  • A Canadian Moment
    A double-double Donut Shop, as Al, Sam and Vera reflect on their earlier incarnations. Special Guest: Dave Broadfoot
  • Flashback/Farewell
    The Air Farce cast look back at some memorable moments and bid farewell to the audience.
Episode 16-10: Friday, December 05, 2008 @ 8PM -
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  • Parliamentary Crisis: Harper
    The defeat-dodging Prime Minister explains why he’s still P.M.
  • Bank Lady
    Edith Wilkens and Jerry the Bitter Clown outline a new investment.
  • Shamwhoa
    A solution for when Canadians get soaked.
  • Parliamentary Crisis: Flaherty
    Jim Flaherty’s financial package has stimulated the wrong Dion.
  • Granny Gets Wrapped
    A store clerk works his musical holiday spirit.
  • Parliamentary Crisis: Layton
    Jack Layton and a silent partner practise their coup-making.
  • Friday Night News
    The week in a nutshell, with Don Ferguson.
    Topics: Harper seeks dialogue, dysfunctional Parliament, 3 party coalition, Dion’s taped speech, old Conservative deal, childish leaders, Bell privatization plan, rodeo Alberta’s official sport, Stroumbo wins Gemini, Plaxico Burress shooting, ancient marijuana stash
  • Farce Flashback
    “Shamus Rants with Rick Mercer” Originally broadcast December 31, 1999.
Episode 16-09: Friday, November 28, 2008 @ 8PM -
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  • Torch Relay
    It’s a long and winding path to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.
  • Sister Bessie- Parliament Returns
    Our favourite nun checks out our 40th Parliament.
  • Newman, Ignatieff & Rae
    Bob and Iggy get jiggy over the Liberal leadership.
  • Santa Claus Parade ‘08
    A mother and daughter share the holiday tradition of freezing on the sidewalk.
  • Friday Night News
    Topics: TTC service increase, Slinky toy founder dies (3 jokes), Girl Guide cookies, elephant seal carcass, Ballet B.C. layoffs, Egyptian artifact repatriation, Stephen Harper and “High School Musical”, poodle found dead in oven
  • Christmas Gift
    They’ll say “thanks for nothing.”
  • Farce Film: Mountie Bear Recall
    The RCMP always get their lead-buttoned bear.
  • Farce Flashback
    “Military Cutbacks”- The Debut of the Chicken Cannon. Originally broadcast March 4, 1994.
Episode 16-08: Friday, November 21, 2008 @ 8PM -
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  • Flaherty Shopping
    Jim Flaherty hawks the government’s wares on the Shopping Channel.
  • NHL Concussion
    Concussion discussion with hockey’s Doug Bradford.
  • Green Guilt
    Environment Minister Jim Prentice consults a higher authority to deal with ecological sins.
  • Bag Lady
    A street-wise lady shares her financial strategy during the market downturn.
  • Opening of Parliament
    Pomp and odd circumstances open the 40th Parliament.
  • Friday Night News
    The Farce take on the week in a nutshell.
    Topics: auto bailout request, diamond mine layoff, pirates seize oil tanker, co-operation in Parliament, Obama-McCain meeting, Hilary Clinton possible Secretary of State, lost tool bag in space, water purification in space, prototype Dead Parrot sketch, meh in dictionary, Citigroup layoffs, RCMP polygraph, Saskatchewan witness protection, Kate Moss perfume, most annoying phrase in language
  • Garage Guys
    Auto insiders discuss the nuts and bolts of the industry crisis.
  • Farce Flashback
    Confused Philosopher (January 8,1999)
Episode 16-07: Friday, November 14, 2008 @ 8PM -
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  • Obama & Harper
    Stephen Harper discovers it’s a long, long-distance phone call to Barack Obama.
  • Farce Film: Take Your Parents to Work Day
    The family-get-together on office time.
  • Newfoundland of Opportunity
    Ontario “have-not” refugees find they’re between the Rock and a hard place.
  • Nativetainment Tonight
    An aboriginal voice at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics
  • Friday Night News
    The Farce take on the week in a nutshell.
    Topics: Liberal leadership candidates, New Zealand election, National Portrait Gallery, brown spruce longhorn beetle, Melissa Fung kidnapping, Saskatchewan jail security, e.Coli outbreak, Tax Agency abuse, world’s ugliest dog dies, Anglican Church on Facebook, Kitchener grow-op fire
  • Ignatieff: Dark Genius
    Michael Ignatieff and his henchwoman try to jolt their leadership campaign to life.
  • Professor Ick - Internet Addiction
    Professor Ick’s down-low on adult web-mania.
  • Farce Flashback
    Rosie and Floyd Freeze Up. Originally broadcast January 16, 1998.
Episode 16-06: Friday, November 7, 2008 @ 8PM -
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  • Oval Office
    A Texan and a Hawaiian bond during a government handover.
  • Harper’s New Cabinet
    The Prime Minister unveils his 2008 super-charged Cabinet.
  • OPEC
    Even oil salesmen face economic cutbacks.
  • Farce Film: Accountant Commercial
    An ad agency tries the formula for the perfect cliché.
  • Friday Night News
    The Farce take on the week in a nutshell.
    Topics: Barack Obama’s new dog, McCain wins Kentucky, Sarah Palin prank call, baby elephant dies, Quebec election called, Bob Rae leadership candidate, mouse in cheese, Ontario ‘have-not’ province, men attracted to colour red, Quantum of Solace box office record.
  • Ad Absurdum
    Luba dissects the latest commercials we love to hate.
    Ads include: Santa Fe test drive, Suzuki test drivers, Mr. Sub microwave guy, 6/49 Happy Dance, Brand Power, Intercasino mascot.
  • Voting Age
    A Nova Scotian proposes lowering the age of majority, if not maturity.
  • Farce Flashback
    Mike from Canmore visits MENSA. Originally broadcast March 3, 2000.
Episode 16-05: Friday, October 31, 2008 @ 8PM -
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  • McCain & Palin
    John McCain and Sarah Palin talk Alaskan to the American people.
  • Hinterland Who’s Who
    A peek into the well-paid retirement of a not-so-rare government species.
  • Liquidation Larry
    Liquidation Larry unloads last-minute ‘Merican campaign merchandise.
  • Farce Film: Hallowe’en Harold
    The legend of a pumpkin punk.
  • Jack Layton in Parliament
    The Great Orange Hope shares his NDP strategy. Special Guest: Jack Layton
  • Mac Ad: Bake Sale
    The PC guy fundraises the old-fashioned way.
  • Friday Night News
    The Farce take on the week in a nutshell.
    Topics: groceries at Canadian Tire, French poll, ‘The Office’ in Winnipeg, Indian moon rocket, snake massage, Hallowe’en and National Knock-Knock Jokes day, Alan Greenspan admission, Obama assassination plot
  • Mac Ad: ‘M’ Word
    The ‘M’ word buzzes a nerve with the PC guy.
  • Obama Supporter
    An Obama supporter can’t cast her ballot for Barack.
  • Farce Flashback
    Tim Hortons Rink Flooder. Originaly broadcast November, 2002.
Episode 16-04 : Friday, October 24, 2008 @ 8PM -
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  • King & Obama
    Larry King probes Barack Obama’s election hopes.
  • eHerpes
    Viral ads for a very special dating pool.
  • Sims Meltdown
    Business reporter experiences economic ups and downs.
  • Bottled Air
    The only truly safe nutritional supplement.
  • Friday Night News
    The Farce take on the week in a nutshell.
    Topics: possible 2nd Toronto NHL team, Sarah Palin show, Palin wardrobe budget, English honey shortage, Saskatchewan tax cut, Toronto recycling fine, Hamilton HIV+ trial, CBC cuts foreign correspondents, McCain curly fries, Indian rocket, PEI voting irregularities.
  • Farce Film: 31 Days
    The ultimate home horror: telemarketers.
  • Murphy’s Law- Next Liberal Leader
    Rex runs down possible contenders for the Liberal leadership.
  • The Hour: Atwood
    Strombo takes on Margaret Atwood and her debt to society.
  • Farce Flashback
    Bank Commercials with Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Rita MacNeil and Bob Dylan. Originally broadcast October 1996.
Episode 16-03: Friday, October 17, 2008 @ 8PM -
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  • Election Wrap Up
    Stéphane Dion and Jack Layton face election aftermath.
  • Farce Film: Bank Lady
    Edith the Bank Lady explains economic turmoil.
  • Elizabeth May
    The Green leader tells why people went blue, red and orange instead.
  • Conservative Love Song
    Stephen Harper serenades Canadians after his sweater-wrapped seduction.
  • Friday Night News
    The Farce take on the week in a nutshell.
    Topics: NASCAR Harlequin books, Bay Street managers, Sarah Palin, Madonna divorcing, melamine in China, GM-Chrysler merger, Kim Jong-Il, 2010 Soccer World Cup.
  • Bank Robbery
    America’s cash crisis affects even bank robbers.
  • 300 Million Dollars Buys
    The real price of an election
  • Justin Trudeau Ghost
    The latest Trudeau gets political and pottery advice.
  • Farce Flashback
    MacIntosh Marriage (Oringally brodcast January 1996).
Episode 16-02: Friday, October 10, 2008 @ 8PM -
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  • Mr. Harper’s Neighbourhood
    Who’s warm and fuzzy all over? Won’t you be Mr. Harper’s neighbour?
  • Melamine Bits
    The latest snack food from China.
  • Do Not Call
    For once, a government agency is too efficient!
  • Vote Swap
    Political strategy gets personal at a vote swap party.
  • Ebb & Flo
    Our rural constituents turn into party insiders.
  • Farce Film: Hockey Song
    Strombo helps winnow down the winners in the hockey anthem contest.
    Special guest: George Stroumboulopoulos
  • Friday Night News
    The Farce take on the week in a nutshell.
    Topics: Ford Focus safety feature, medical wait time drops, gas price drops, wild cougar in Saskatoon, Canadian Oxford Dictionary layoffs, Australian accent declining, increased Canadian fertility rate.
  • Layton Commercial
    Jack Layton faces off against the ING guy over their favourite colour.
  • Farce Flashback #16-02
    Mike from Canmore’s Thanksgiving Thoughts
    Originally broadcast October 11, 1996
Episode 16-01: Friday, October 3, 2008 @ 8PM -
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  • Harper & Olympic Athletes
    The Prime Minister tries for the fittest voters in Canada. Special Guests: Adam Van Koeverden, Adam Kreek, Malcolm Howard
  • Debate 2008
    Stéphane Dion, Stephen Harper, Elizabeth May and Jack Layton outline their positions behind a table at the federal election debate.
  • Wall Street Samaritan
    A Wall Street high flier learns about the lower dregs of society.
  • Layton & Whitfield
    It isn’t just the NDP leader’s hair that’s silver. Special Guest: Simon Whitfield, Olympic triathlete
  • Newman Election Watch
    Don Newman displays the latest election follies.
  • McCain & Palin
    John McCain may live, (or not), to regret his choice of vice-presidential candidate.
  • Farce Flashback #16-01
    Roger intros the first Farce Flashback: “Chrétien Hospital”.
    Originally broadcast October 15, 1993.
  • Olympic Heroes
    Alan’s Elliotte Friedman interviews Canadian heroes Special Guests: Simon Whitfield, Adam Van Koeverden, Adam Kreek and Malcolm Howard