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Join our live studio audience at CBC’s Canadian Broadcasting Centre in downtown Toronto!

Did you win tickets to the AIR FARCE NEW YEAR'S EVE tapings on Thursday, December 7 or Friday, December 8, 2017 at CBC (25 John St., Toronto)?

Our ticket lottery was open from November 13 to 27. Winners were drawn at random on Tuesday, November 28; in addition to the winners' names being posted below, our audience coordinator contacts each winner by e-mail within 48 hours of the draw.

Each winner receives 2 FREE tickets; 125 pairs of tickets are available to be won for each taping night. (That's 250 tickets per taping, or 500 tickets total!) Show begins at 7:00 PM, but you'll need to arrive before 6:30 PM to claim your tickets. (We recommend an early arrival.)

We're not able to provide travel to Toronto; winners receive tickets only. We tape regardless of weather conditions, so please only enter the draw if you will be in the Toronto area on our taping dates above so we don't disappoint other entrants.

See our Information for Ticket Holders page for details on location, parking, public transportation, and more.

IF you don't win the lottery but still want to see the show in person, you can...

• Follow us on Twitter!

We'll be giving away tickets to our Farce followers on Twitter! It's free to sign up and you'll get all the exclusive updates leading up to the big special, including one VERY SPECIAL contest for 2 VIP tickets! You must be an AIR FARCE Twitter follower to win, so click here to join today.

• Try for rush tickets!

Rush seats are not guaranteed, but may become available on the night of the taping 30 minutes prior to show time. If you'd like to try for FREE rush seats, please arrive at the AIR FARCE ticket sign-in desk at CBC's Canadian Broadcasting Centre (25 John St., Toronto) by 6:30 PM on show days. Again, these seats are not guaranteed, and only become available on a first-come, first-served basis should we have any remaining seats in the studio.


Thursday, DECEMBER 7, 2017

Alan Adams
Neely Adamski
Elsa Ahmed
Dan Andrae
Ted Berger
Tammie Betts
Kim Birchard
Mary Ann Bonney
Jasmine Boovariwala
Ronald Bowman
Dorothy Butterfield
Ross Byers
Grant Campbell
Sharon Celniker
Irene Chaplin
Susan Charney
Dorothy Chesney
Grace Chu
Fawad Chughtai
Susan Cobill
Jill Cohen
Darren Connery
Grant Crewe
Felcy D Souza
Farzad Danesh
Stanley Davidson
Doug Dicks
Tania Dmytrasz
Carol Dorman
Holly Durette
Kellan Eckstrom
Laura Edward
Julian Egelstaff
Marika Elek
SGT Feraday
Sombra Fernandez
Rohini Fernando
David Fourney
Matthew Freeland
Adam Gaboury
Paul Gallina
Cheryl Giblon
Ross Gladwell
Barb Glassier
Richard Godin
Birdgette Grant
Kevin Grayston
Mike Greene
Nigel Griffiths
Eva Hecht
Carole Henry
Ann Hildreth
Kathleen Hill
Lori Ann Hines
Rose Holloway
Arman Homat
Janice Horne
Wendy Hulton
Victoria Iacovazzi
Khizar Ilyas
Geri James
Sanjay Jeganathan
John Jurychuk
Irene Karasavidis
Korosh Kianizad
Nancy Kinsman
Margaret Kipp
Aline Koldyk
Anatole Kung
Olivia Lai
Lila Lapczak
Margaret Lawrence
Missy Lee
Karen Lewis
Mike Lilko
Bruce Lindsay
Mike Linton
Katie Lundon
Albert Madill
F.P. Malin
Robert Martin
Jacqueline McDonald
Uptal Mehta
Mig Migirdicyan
Hagit Mikanovsky
Monika Milewska
Lisa Millen
Lynn Neely
Anthony Notenboom
Gina Nowicki
Rado Pagac
Yasmin Rahemtullah
Mark Robertson
Mason Rodney
Lori Ross
Jim Sanderson
Louis Sartor
Mary Sawicki
Maria Schiavone
Alfred Schmidt
Joy Sharon-Hann
Charlene Sharpe
Rita Singh
Mark Smits
Nena Snyder
Michael Stoneleigh
Paraag Suchak
Harold Tabacznik
Tai Tang
Pnina Teitelbaum
Jennifer Thibault
Daniel Thiel
Gerry Thompson
Dave Thomson
Maxwell Tomlinson
Daniel Tonks
Bridget van Voorden
M Vannan
Bill Velos
Susan Walker
Heather Weber
Keng Hon Yee
Shummai Yie
Christopher Zamrykut
Rita Zuccaro

Friday, DECEMBER 8, 2017

Edward Arnold
Teresa Avery
Kevin Beckermann
Wes Bennett
Mike Berman
Ela Bhalla
Charlotte Bierman-Dyk
Charlene Blais
Emily Bowman
Carol Braun
Almut Brenne-Davies
Leanna Brown
Nancy C.
Sandra Chadwick-Parkes
David Sydney Cheese
Jonathan Clodman
Peter Cobill
David Cohen
Coral Courtney
Doug Discepolo
Donna Diviesti
Amanda Donais
Leslie Dragan
Rebecca Drotos
Valerie Ferrier
David Filanowski
Nanci Fleming
Christy Frappier
Danny Galea
Laurie Gallina
Sarah Gayer
Gene Genin
Robert Giard
Kaylin Gilbey
Jeff Goldstein
Rob Gordon
Barry Greene
David Greenlaw
Agata Gula
Jean Gurr
Ron Hamang
Carl Hendershot
Rich Holder
Donna Holmes
Andrew Hsueh
Crystal Hunter
Erica Hutchinson
Michelle Ing
Aisha Irfan
Paul Isenberg
Marshall Jacklin
Paul Jacobson
Larry James
Caitlin Jennings
Maxine Johnson
Pamela Kingston-Lafave
Jeremy Labrie
Jack Lane
Michal Lemeza
Lisa Liedtke
Jimmy Liem
Nina Lopez
Wendy Luce-Stewart
Moya Macool
David Magil
Aziz Mahomed
Laura Mailman
Angus Mair
Theresa Malar
Jim Mallett
Pierre Marcel
Camelia Marks
Phil Marques
Lesley Marshall
James Martin
L.S. McCarty
K Mclean
Linda McLennan
Kevin McMurdy
Lyn Miller
Joanne Mills
Emily Nickerson
Anna Palandra
Jordan Paolucci
Maria Papadopoulos
Owen Parker
Mario Pasta
Sneha Patel
Scott Pearson
Shirley Penny
Roberta Pentney
Diana Piché
Chris Piecuch
Justin Pugelj
Waleed Qirbi
Regina Quintal
Carol Ritchie
Christopher Rodney
Heather Rosen
Lillian Rotsztain
Andy Samide
Julie Schatz
Hans-Ulrich Schmitz
Debbie Sehl
Jonathon Shine
Suzanne Sibley
Christopher Smith
Doug Smith
Louise Snyder
Kenneth Southwood
Eileen St. George
Merilyn Stachow
Nancy Stephens
Dianne Stevenson
Arthur Studzienny
Samantha Therrien
Todd Vince
Gabriel Viscardi
Weili Wang
Yhalinie Watson
Rod Weir
John Wilding
Amuna Yacob
Miriam Yates
Christine Zielinski