scroll down to see all the winners' names!

Come and join our live studio audience at CBC’s Canadian Broadcasting Centre in downtown Toronto!

Did you WIN tickets to this year's AIR FARCE tapings on Thursday, December 8 or Friday, December 9, 2016 at CBC (25 John St., Toronto)?

Winners were drawn at random on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 and contacted by e-mail within 48 hours of the draw; scroll down to see all the winners' names.

Each winner receives 2 FREE tickets, with 125 pairs of tickets available for each taping night. That's 250 tickets per taping, or 500 tickets total! Show begins at 7:00 PM, but you'll need to arrive before 6:30 PM to claim your tickets. (We recommend an early arrival.)

We're not able to provide travel to Toronto; winners receive tickets only. We tape regardless of weather conditions, so please only enter the draw if you will be in the Toronto area on our taping dates above so we don't disappoint other entrants.

See our Information for Ticket Holders page for details on location, parking, public transportation, and more.

IF you DIDN't win the lottery but still want to see the show in person, you can...

• Follow us on Twitter!

We'll be giving away tickets to our Farce followers on Twitter! It's free to sign up and you'll get all the exclusive updates leading up to the big special, including one VERY SPECIAL contest for 2 VIP tickets! You must be an Air Farce Twitter follower to win, so click here to join today and keep an eye out for our ticket giveaways.

• Try for rush tickets!

Rush seats are not guaranteed, but may become available on the night of the taping 30 minutes prior to show time. If you'd like to try for FREE rush seats, please arrive at the AIR FARCE ticket sign-in desk at CBC's Canadian Broadcasting Centre (25 John St. in Toronto) by 6:00 PM on show days. Again, these seats are not guaranteed, and only become available on a first-come, first-served basis should we have any remaining seats in the studio.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Alan Adamski
Paul Amaranth
Stella Andonoff
Maria Awasthy
Henry Ayerst
Ter Berger
Noa Bordan
Zonica Bosnjakovic
Sweta Brahmbhatt
Alicia Brown
Elaine Brown
Michael Burn
Dianne Burns
Emily Chen
Natalie Cheng
David Cloutier
Judith Coates
Anthony Cushing
Marie Dawson
Jack DeGroot
Karen d’Entremont
Carl Dewey
Jean Dodge
Paul Eberhard
Terry Feldman
Stephen Feraday
Tanya Filippelli
Patrick Fowler
Judy Francis
Paul Gallina
Suma George
Robert Giaard
Zulan Gong
Terry Gordon
Mike Greene
Scott Greenhill
Nigel Griffiths
Linda Hammond
Kathleen Harris
Ken Hill
Steve Isenberg
Amanda Ivey
Gary James
Heidi Janson
Prem Katyal
Jenny Kerr
William G. Kingston
Nancy Kinsman
Erika Komori
Stephen Laing
Janina Lapp
Paul Lattner
Missy Lee
Megan Lenz
Robert Leveille
David Lyall
Alice Macaski
Patrick MacPherson
Bob Maguire
Song Mee Mah
Vladimir Malinic
Jeanne-Marie Martin
Robert Martin
Suzanne McElecheran
Karen McKendry
Christopher Mcniece
Barb Mcquoid
Stuart McTavish
Anne Mecca
Maria Mendes
Ewa Milewska
Peter Mills
Angela Mirkovic
Kaz Miyata
Megan Mottershead
Anand Murthy
Jim Nanoff
Brigitta Navodarszky
Michael Neely
Joseph Nunes
George Olesevich
Hamideh Parizi
Aivars Petersons
Bernadette Pileggi
Diane Pleavin
Robert Pope
Pusparani Rajanathan
Chandra Ramjist
Wayne Reeves
Jadwiga Renusz
Ramona Ricken
Lucy Ronaldson
Roger Rotilio
Greg Rubidge
Betty Ruppel-Matthews
Boguslawa Sak
Diego Santesteban
Chris Schankula
Katie Smeal
Glen Smith
Gary Smith
Patricia Socotsky
Eileen Spagnolo
Darrin Spice
Angela Talbot
Tai Tang
Minh Troung
Noelle Turner
Eva Vanags
Sue Vandal
Teresa Infante Velazquez
Geremy Vincent
Colin Vollick
Barbara Warner
Lynn Waters-Monteiro
Sandra Weeks
Marilyn White
Luke Williams
Peter Woo
Guy Wood
Gail Wright
Jonida Zamrykut
Mike Zeleniak
Harriet Zimmerman
Rita Zuccaro

Friday, December 9, 2016

Sonia Ahmed
Afzal Ali
Rick Allen
Anna Andolfo-Rabalais
David Andrew
Rhonda Ang
Ted Arnold
Teresa Avery
Barbara Balfour
Edward Banville
Mary Barbara
Martin Bate
José T Bazan
Ron Bell
Josephine Bennett
Kim Bertin
Reena Besa
Marlene Bojin
James Borden
Angela Boudreau
Deidre Brennan
Lyndsay Buller
Ian Byers
David Cairney
Giselle Calabria
Steve Carmichael
Vera Cherepanov
Randy Conrad
Margaret Cox
Dylan Curtis
Chris Dale
Trevor Devotta
David Don
Amanda Donais
Anna Dowdall
Leslie Dragan
Steve Dunn
Cassandra Dyal
Toni Facciolo
Annette Falcone
Gene Genin
Lisa Gigmac
Terri-Ann Gordon
Christine Guerin
Douglas Henry
Richard Hildebrandt
Elizabeth Hill
Arman Homat
Robert Hookey
Shruti Jamadagni
Mo Jeewa
Mark Johnson
Teresa Karageorgos
Anne Kelleher
Marie Kirchmeyer
Joan Kroetch
David Kroh
Robert Krzyzanowski
Anna La
Diane Laurie
Barbara Lelx
Kimberley Lemeza
Jimmy Liem
Catherine Liotta
Patrick Maher
Javad Malik
Rob Manovich
Lorena Marceau
Phil Marques
Desmond McCornish
Margaret McMurdy
Glen Mead
John Meagher
Mattson Meere
Monika Milewska
Lukas Mitchell
Edwin Navarathnam
Alan Nearing
Patrick Nemeth
Gina Nowicki
Julie Nunes
Michael Paranczuk
Josie Parks
Sneha Patel
Theresa Pearce
Roberta Pentney
Alona Picovsky
Joseph Postiglione
Helen Powers
Nick Purnell
Gina Quintal
Diana Radulescu
Marie Rayner
Heather Rosen
Marcia Russell
Eugene Samson
Jesse Sanderson
Kim Sanger
Teresa Santacroce
Jim Schaming
Hans-Ulrich Schmitz
Lina Serafico
Megan Siddall
Rob Silber
Mimi Sivongsay
Grant Smillie
Douglas Smith
Cheryl Smith
Marshall Sone
Luella Stephens
Wayne Sylvestre-Williams
Pauline Szczesniak
Mary Claudette Taylor
Daniel Theil
Daniel Tonks
Bogdan Tudose
Julie Vandermeulen
Marilyn Vardy
Carrie Vasey
Gabriel Viscardi
Angela Walcott
Stephanie Wood
Janice Ykemba
Rudy Zilavec
Ciara Zogheib