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Each person whose name appears below receives 2 FREE tickets to attend a taping of Air Farce New Year's Eve at CBC's Canadian Broadcasting Centre in downtown Toronto. See our Information for Reserved Ticket Holders page for details on location, parking, public transportation, and more.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

  • Christine Aiken
    Barbara Allan
    John Allison
    Mary Almeida
    Patricia Amaranth
    Rosemary Archibald
    Bradley Aylward
    Art Bailey
    Barbara Balfour
    Jason Bamford
    Stephen Barnes
    Howard Belnavis
    Sherry Bernatchez
    Ela Bhalla
    Liese Binnie
    Anne Boris
    Hayden Burt
    Dolores Buzzanca
    Ian Byers
    Drew Carney
    Giovanni Catena
    Anna Caton
    Normah Charlebois
    Charles Clark
    Mike Comrie
    Glenn Cooney
    Christine Cooper
    Maria Davis
    Paul Delhaise
    Trevor Devotta
    Carol Dorman
    Betty Dospueblos
    Daisy Dowdall
    May Dumont
    Dan Durst
    Laura Edward
    Victor Evelyn
    Alex Farnsworth
    Susanne Feeley
    S Feraday
    David Fourney
    Cathy Gaboury
    Laurie Gallina
    Paul Gauerson
    Nasir Ghobrial
    Rusveer Gill
    Joe Giordanella
    Debra Gnosalves
    Zulan Gong
    Andreja Grcic
    Diane Guggenmoos
    Thomas Gwosdz
    Marek Hagner
    Michael Hayashi
    Carol Heck
    Dustin Herberman
    Daniel Hildreth
    Kathryn Hookey
    J Horne
    Paul Isenberg
    Don Jackson
    Dan Jacobs
    Tim Jenkins
    Cheryl Jones
    Michael Jones
    David Juliusson
    Daryle Kachan
    Pete Karageorgos
    Tamie Keith
    Susannah Kervin
    Sona Khanna
    Margaret Kipp
    Harald Kreutzberg
    Lou-Ann La Qua-Davidson
    Olivia Lai
    Lesia Lane
    Richard Leask
    Taylor Leffley
    Jack Lichtensztejn
    Mike Lilko
    Catherine Limbertie
    Michael Longo
    Duncan MacIsaac
    Jennifer MacLachlan
    Julie Ann May
    John McClenaghan
    Barb Mcquoid
    Marsha Melnik
    Ani Migirdicyan
    Kevin Moe
    Shana Molto
    Thomas Morrison
    Elora Mulligan
    Tim Mullings
    Vicki Nadalin
    Vicki Nanders
    Das Narayanasamy
    Sunil Nijhawan
    Lily Pereira
    Crystal Piche
    Steven Radcliffe
    Michael Ramsey
    Carmen Reece
    Leslie Reiner
    Lillian Rotsztain
    Ivy Rupnarain
    Boguslawa (Sally) Sak
    Norm Sanger
    Teresa Santacroce
    Jay Schatz
    Julie Schatzdorfer
    Susan Schendel
    Stacy Scott
    Lina Serafico
    Jack Seto
    Taiyib Shameed
    Theodore Smagata
    Eileen Spagnolo
    Eileen St. George
    Tommy Stone
    Yvonne Tabaracci
    Zhixuan Tang
    Ronald Teasdale
    Nelson Thall
    Angela Tran
    Mike Tubbs
    Bryan Uttley
    Gordon Van Toen
    James Vella
    Carol Wilson
    Mark Wojcik
    Peter Woo

Friday, December 12, 2014
  • Zain Bashah
    Omar Battistella
    Mildred Beechey
    Jim Beecraft
    Josephine Bennett
    Michel Bilodeau
    Dan Bitterlich
    Dale Blacklock
    Fiona Bradford
    Justin Bradshaw
    Daniel Bradshaw
    Shane Brandon
    Lisa Bristow
    Anthony Bufort
    Jonathan Bufort
    Barb Callery
    Jordan Camillo
    Mike Carstensen
    Nancy Carvalho
    Jeffrey Castle
    Rupita Chandra
    Carolyn Clark
    David Cohen
    James Connolly
    Sabrina Costa
    Nadine Couvreux
    Shayna Craig
    Tina Cusumano
    Edna Dargie
    Brett Dawson
    I DeMarchi
    Angelo Di Cesare
    Andrea Dickinson
    Doug Discepolo
    David Don
    Adam Donner
    Patrick Durling
    Mike Dzis
    Allan Eastley
    Laura Farnsworth
    David Filax
    Chris Firby
    Patrick Fowler
    Constantina Galea
    Robert Gard
    Dianne Gillezeau
    Barb Glassier
    Lance Gleich
    Ronald Grant
    Aaron Guggenmoos
    Vanay Gupta
    Natalie Hambleton
    Kathleen Harris
    Leanne Hart
    Samim Hasham
    Robert Haynes
    Joshua Hood
    Diana Howe
    Win Hoysa
    Wendy Hulton
    Michelle Hutchinson
    Michelle Ing
    Lauren Janssen
    Stephen Kelly
    Janet Kennedy
    Jordan Kentris
    Robert Kinsman
    Sara Kirkham
    Elizabeth Kosmidis
    Meaghan Kovacs
    Anna Kwan
    Jessica Kwan
    Sandra Lackie
    Kin Lee
    Heidi Leuthold
    Lela Lilko
    Dave Lindgren
    Bruce Lindsay
    Heather Logan
    Katherine Malowany
    Stephan Marceau
    Faith Marcel
    Pierre Marcel
    Rochelle Maurer
    Jane McDonald
    Sharon Mckenna
    Victoria McKinlay
    Margaret McMurdy
    Jeffrey McMurtrie
    Michel Mecca
    Irene Mienicki
    Mort Milne
    Allan Moore
    Jill Moore
    Marian Muzyliwsky
    Vanessa Nunes
    Laurie O'Handley
    Rado Pagac
    David Parish
    Tanzeem Parkar
    Anne-Marie Pawelski
    Teresa Ramsey
    Aaron Rector
    Allen Reeder
    Carol Ritchie
    Lynda Robinson
    Janet Sakauye
    Faheem Sangrar
    Janice Schick
    Brian Serafini
    Joy Sharon-hann
    Glen Smith
    Harry Song
    Valerie Sutherland
    Tai Tang
    Barb Townsend-Batten
    Linda Vining
    Petra Vollmerhausen
    Dung Vu
    Weili Wang
    Rod Weir
    Bob Wing
    Lori Wong
    Stephanie Wood
    Christopher Zamrykut

PLEASE NOTE: If you're familiar with past Air Farce New Year's Eve specials, you'll know that sometimes, things in the studio can get a little icky when we bring out the big artillery ... Canada's weapon of messy destruction, the F-Bomb. We do our best to make sure the audience stays dry and safe, but the dropping of the F-Bomb could result in some minor splash-back. Doctor von Rikkengord, our F-Bomb technician, assures us that should you get a small drop on your clothing, it will come out in the wash. Attendance at Air Farce is at your own risk. You've been warned!...